CSS Grid

After playing around with other frameworks, I think CSS Grid is my preferred method of development. I can see the need for various frameworks in certain cases for clients but for my personal site it is my favorite option.

Building My New Site

Not posting links or images yet because I’m still playing around but I’m concurrently building a few different versions of my site. One being purely from scratch and the others being with bootstrap. I’m trying to build basically the same site with those methods and see what works best for future use. Bootstrap sure as hell didn’t exist my first time around the web developer thing. Links soon.

A Long Time Off

I originally started web development in the early 2000’s and began running various message boards which I customized various aspects off via HTML and PHP modifications among other things. That led to a desire to develop websites from scratch which I did for an employer at the time as well as a few others through friends and word of mouth. Around 2011 I lost the desire to be involved in web development for reasons unrelated to actual web development (long personal story that I’ll maybe get into another time). 6 years later I find myself missing it and wanting to get back into it. So this blog will be me documenting my journey (to the best of my ability) re-learning my old skills, adapting them to new technologies and standards as well as learning new technologies and applying them to this site among others. So you will see this site go through many looks as I learn and test out different methods and styles. I’ll also be linking to an discussing external projects as those come along and I work on those.  I hope you follow along and if you have any experience in web development and I post any issues or questions you might have an answer to, feel free to respond. But don’t spam your services, that will lead to an instant block. That’s it for now.